Safer Tackling Made Affordable

Safer Tackling Made Affordable

Background on Tackling Safety: If you are not aware of all of the safety concerns with tackling in our sport than you have been living under a rock. A major move over the last few years has been removing the head entirely from the tackle. Most teams in the country are now teaching tackling by … Continue reading

Sprint Draw

This post is a combination of a few REALLY old posts from my previous blog. Back a few years ago, when I was still sipping the “have to live in 4 wide spread offense” Kool-Aid.. we ran a lot of sprint out.  Off of that sprint out action our best play was not the sprint … Continue reading

XO Wizard

I recently discovered a site called XO WIZARD.  XO Wizard is an online playbook making software that I just began trying with my team.  The drawing/diagramming features are easy to use but what makes this unique is the ability to use video to teach/install your playbook.  I have gone away from traditional paper playbooks with … Continue reading