Meal Prep: Easy Lunch/Dinner

In my last post I wrote about an easy way to PREP BREAKFAST for the week.

Now I will explain how I make my Lunch/Dinner at the same time (i try to be as efficient as I can.

For Lunch I make a CajunAlfredo pasta with ground turkey.

For Dinner a Turkey Burrito Bowl.


I make Lunch and Dinner on the stove WHILE my breakfast is in the oven (multi tasking at its finest).

Super Easy,

Here’s what you need:

  • 2 Packs of Ground Turkey (I use 93/7)
  • Pasta and Sauce of your choice
  • Black beans/taco seasoning/salsa of your choice

Step 1: Start boiling water for Pasta while you get the ground turkey cooking (I start making my breakfast while I am waiting on water to boil.

Step 2: Cook Pasta and drain.

Step 3: Once Turkey is cooked add half to pasta, add sauce, and add some spices… I like to make it Cajun.

Mix it all together, divide out into tupperware for the week and Lunch is done.

Step 5: Take the rest of the turkey still in pan, add some taco seasoning and black beans. Divide into tupperware and top with salsa and/or whatever veggies you like.

Super simple recipes, easy to cook, and easily adaptable to fit your specific tastes.






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