Practice Planning

Recently I have received a lot of emails/DMs asking about practice plan structure. I wanted to write a post breaking down how I break up our practice by scheme as well as by time. This is what I refer to as an install practice schedule.  We are essentially in install (or learning) mode from Spring … Continue reading

2 Day Install

I have been a big proponent of the “3 day install” for the last few years and have written about it HERE. However this year I wanted to try something new… the 3 day install is great but it just never seemed to “fit in” with our weekly schedule and our concepts. We practice 4 days/week … Continue reading

One Back Clinic Notes

Below I have copied and pasted my notes form last weekend’s trip down to the One Back Clinic. Overall it was a great experience with some great speakers and I highly recommend attending next year. RPO, streak, air raid vertical – Timmy Chang Streak vs 6 call Streak is an RnS backside concept  Get vertical … Continue reading

Boot Camp

I wanted to share with all of you, something new we started doing that I think is THE BEST thing we have ever done. I was inspired by Coach Randy Jackson’s book Culture Defeats Strategy – Book Review Here. We are doing a week long boot camp for the players this week. JV and varsity … Continue reading