Play of the Day: Bunch Toss

Welp, since we still can’t practice yet I am going to try to do random write ups in plays I like. One play a day, try to vary the team and concept. Just something that pops off the screen and catches my eye.

Today is from 2018 Stanford.

Bunch left, they use a double crack concept with the 2 outside players and pull #3 to block force and the PST to lead through the alley.

What makes this play pop is USC has their inside LBs at the LOS mugged up inside at the snap. Why are they walked up? Stanford had run Zone or Duo (do not start an argument over which one, they literally were running BOTH from this set) all game… at least 8 times prior to this snap. USC for the most part had been shutting it down walking the backers up or being very aggressive/quick to fill. Here is an example


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