Play of the Day: Bucksweep Reverse

Today’s Play of the Day is from 2019 Auburn. This reverse concept can be appreciated by Wing T and Air Raid coaches alike.

Early in this game Auburn lines up in their base 20 personnel Right set. They run their bucksweep action to the right with the Rb flipping the ball back behind him to the Z coming around for the reverse.

Both guards pulling helps sell this Buck look.

The LT works his inside track like it was buck then tries to leak out to lead block (although he doesn’t end up touching anyone). The Qb probably has the most important job on this style of reverse because while you’re hoping the back side DE is crashing/chasing the ball, the QB has to be working to at least get in his way to make sure the Reverse can get around the edge. In this specific example the End actually runs down the line and it is a Lb who the QB ends up shielding off as he was the most dangerous player to the Reverse man getting the edge.


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