Coach Kenny Simpson Gun T Rpo Buck Sweep

Coach Kenny Simpson has been putting out some great content on his site/twitter over the last year. @fbcoachsimpson

He recently put his Gun T RPO offense into multiple courses on CoachTube. I recently checked out his Bucksweep course here.

Overall I came away very impressed with this course. Coach Simpson goes over every detail you could need if you are looking to install this Bucksweep package. There is white board time, drills, game film and a plethora of adjustments. He does a great job going over not just the playside blocking scheme but multiple adjustments for QB reads/runs and RPOs on the backside of the concept to attack various defensive adjustments. I highly recommend checking this course out whether you are brand new to Buck/Wing T concepts or you are a card carrying Wing T veteran who just wants to dress up his Bucksweep with some sexy Gun Read/RPO concepts.


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