2 Day Install

I have been a big proponent of the “3 day install” for the last few years and have written about it HERE.

However this year I wanted to try something new… the 3 day install is great but it just never seemed to “fit in” with our weekly schedule and our concepts.

  1. We practice 4 days/week (Mon-Thurs generally)
  2. We get 10 days of Spring Ball
  3. We use “rule of 4” for selecting our base plays to install
    • 4 Run Concepts
    • 4 Quick Game Concepts
    • 4 Drop Back Concepts

ALL of these things do not divide by 3 well, but they do divide by 2.

Prior to Spring Ball starting I was mapping our install out and realized it all made more sense by fitting it in to a 2 day install plan.

I would then get to work that 2 day plan, TWICE during each week.

Dividing the plays out was simple…Day A and Day B.

Day A would be a ZONE day for the OL/run game… we work Inside Zone, Outside zone, 2 quicks, and 2 drop backs.


Day B would be a GAP scheme day for the OL/run game… we work Power, Counter, the other 2 quicks, and the other 2 drop backs.


We just keep repeating these 2 days.  Day A and Day B narrow the focus of what we will work on, and through each round of the install plan we will ADD wrinkles.  The wrinkles can be anything you want… personnel groups, formations, motions, screens etc.

Our Spring Ball looked like this

Day 1-2: Just the basics in 11 personnel

Day 3-4: Added 12 personnel

Day 5-6: Added Jet Motion

Day 7-8: Added 21 personnel/Power Pass/Boot

Day 9-10: Added Bunch


The core concepts remained the same and we add on to the complexity each “round” by sprinkling in some new learning.

At the end of 10 spring ball days we have worked each concept 5 different days.

Where this really helps me is in practice planning.  I have OCD when it comes to prepping my OL work.

What we do in INDY is directly related to what we will run in INSIDE RUN, which is exactly what I have scripted for team.  We aren’t working pulling on a zone day, or reach blocks on a gap scheme day.  The QB/WR/RB groups are planned out with the same idea.

At first 2 days to fit all the core concepts in seems like it is TOO much TOO fast but it worked out well for us in Spring Ball and I am excited to keep it rolling through out the Summer. The next addition will be screen game 🙂


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