The Coolest Book I’ve Ever Read (MUST BUY)

I hate reading.  It isn’t that I can’t read, read slow, or have poor comprehension.  I am actually an excellent reader, however it is probably the most boring activity in the world in my eyes.

The more text, the greater my chances of falling asleep mid paragraph.

With that said, if you ever see my recommend a book, just know you will probably enjoy it very much.

I HAVE to tell you all to drop what ever you are doing right now and go get Coach Grab’s iBook.

101 pro style pistol offense plays

You can read more about it here and here.

Now that you know where to get it let me explain why it is so awesome.

I think calling it a “book” is a disservice.  It is an interactive offense in a box.  It is a clinic that you can fit in to your backpack or briefcase.  It is everything you need to know to be able to run a successful offense at any level.  The way the text is broken up with the diagrams and videos (embedded straight in to the “book”) makes it very easy to read.  You are not weighed down by text.  There is never a problem visualizing what he is talking about because there is video (which is intercut with sideline and EZ view) as well as diagrams (that advance like a slideshow every time you tap the screen).  The book moves seamlessly from page to page and when you enlarge the video player or diagrams.  I never had an issue with it lagging or loading … just a flick or tap of the finger/thumb and the videos/diagrams make the text come alive.

I have never seen a resource that is so complete and that appeals to any type of learner.

All of the benefits I have listed are just about how cool the product itself is and the way it is packaged together… any offense would be easy to digest when presented to elegantly and functionally.

Now getting in to the football side of things.  The information presented by coach grab and the way the offense is structured is excellent.

We don’t even run pistol, I don’t want to run pistol.  However there are so many things within this iBook that I found to be worthwhile I am adapting many of schemes to our offset gun offense.  I think no matter what offense you run you will find things you can take way from this offense.  I now have to edit my playbook because of the changes this iBook has compelled me to make to our Play Action/Boot Leg game.

The best part is that the iBook is only $20.  Seriously most people waste that on Starbucks during the week.  Any coaching DVD you buy online is going to set you back more and I do not think it will be able to compare to what Coach Grab has created.

This is a valuable resource for anyone using a pistol, gun, pro style offense, or anyone that just wants to have a better understanding of a well structured, complete, multiple offense.

I am in now way a paid endorser of this product, and I have nothing to gain for writing this piece so please just trust my advice.  If you have an iPad (the iBook is only available for iPad) then do yourself a favor.  Go buy this iBook right now.  I promise you will not regret it, I give it the official Coach B Dud seal of approval!!!

I planned to read a chapter a day but simply could not put it down.  I finished the whole thing in 24 hours.  Now I will continue to revisit it as I finalize my playbook and install schedule for Spring Ball.

Again, people, what are you waiting for?? Go buy it now and enjoy the awesome reading/viewing experience.


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