San Francisco Glazier Clinic Notes

This weekend I went to the San Francisco (Concord really) Glazier Clinic.

Rather than take notes on paper and never be able to read them again, I now take notes on my iPad using an app called Paper Desk.

This app is only a couple bucks, works well and I can sync everything to my dropbox automatically.  This app allows me to type text, as well as freehand draw in different colors.

Below is a dropbox link to my notes from this year’s clinic.  I generally try to stick with one speaker for all 3 topics rather than bounce around from speaker to speaker.  I’ve found most speakers reference their earlier lectures and you get a better overall experience listening to one speaker for all of their sessions.

Please excuse the sloppiness of some of the diagrams, I lost my stylus after the first session and my ability to draw via finger tip is not as good as with a stylus.

There were many speakers from out of state.  Each shared something “special” that they do not normally share when speaking in their own state for fear of it getting back to their opponents.  Out of respect for these speakers’, I deleted these “special points” from the notes, so they don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Clinic Notes


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