Battle of the Bay Football Camp

Months of hard work will pay off starting tomorrow and running through Wednesday.

I have spent the last 7 months or so planning and getting things ready for this camp… It is truly my baby and it has grown into a pretty good sized camp.  One of the biggest team camps in Northern CA.

We are lucky to have a total of 8 very good programs participating this year.

I am excited both as the camp director and as a first year offensive coordinator.  We have a lot of new players and I am excited to see how they step up to the challenge.  I have faith that our kids will compete and that we will move the ball offensively.  My number 1 goal for camp is tempo… I am warning every other team before hand that we go fast and sorry, I know it is camp but you’re going to have to catch up.  Last year at camp was our first time experimenting with fast tempo and we started killing teams we otherwise couldn’t gain a yard against.  I truly believe that tempo is a great equalizer and  will be our key to success this season.

I know I will not be sleeping much tonight as I feel like a little kid the night before Christmas.

Ill definitely be writing next week about how camp went and what plays were working well for us.


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