DIY OL Ladders

Hi guys, I have to pay respect to Brophy and his blog, he gave me the insight for this.  His post on it can be found here . His blueprint was for a 15 space ladder, I decided to make two, 7 space ladders.  I felt 15 was pretty long and I wanted 2 ladders (1Var, 1JV).

Really simple process as he lays it out for ya.  I went to Lowe’s last night and purchased then – 10′ PVC pipes, 3/4 inch, and 32 T’s to fit them together.  I already had a pair of PVC cutters laying around the house.

My bill came to $28.63 for all the PVC.

When I got home from Lowe’s last night I measured all the cuts and started cutting, took about 25 minutes or so for all the measuring and cutting (i had a crappy pair of cutters which slowed me down a bit)

For this project (2 ladders, 7 spaces each)
I needed

  • 16 – 36″ poles
  • 32 – 14″ poles
  • 32 – T fittings

Last night after the cutting

I brought the pieces with me to the school to assemble ( I have a car so I wouldn’t be able to transport the ladders pre-assembled).

I subbed today and the classes were watching a movie all day, so I was able to put the pieces together in the back of class while they watched the movie, took less than 10 minutes.

Here is the finished product

Great news, I received my KODAK HD pocket video cam (mentioned here)in the mail today, I got it sooner than I expected… which means that I will be filming everything on Monday (our first day of spring ball).

I will be sure to have some slips of ladder drill up early next week!!!


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