Tony Franklin Anaheim recap

Got back last night from the TFS seminar in Anaheim last night.  It was a great experience for myself and the rest of the staff.  Some of it was review because we ran a fake version of it last year, no huddle, air raid pass game, vertical sets, screens, we just didn’t do some things right.

After going this weekend, seeing all the things we get on DVD, flash drive, all the resources, I am very happy we made the choice to buy in to this system for real.  There were some new things modified this year from last year’s stuff that I really liked.  They simplified the pass protection down even more than last year and at first I was slightly confused by it but after some review I see how easy the rules are and we will make the same switch.

If you have never heard Tony Franklin speak before then you NEED TO.  He was awesome, energetic, colorful, football genius, he made sitting down for hours watching PowerPoint’s and cut ups seem fun.  I am very excited to get Spring ball started so we can start putting this stuff in.

I have to be honest, we have way too much information, they keep no secrets, they give you every detail and every play possible in this offense, now our staff has to sit down and condense it into what we want to run and get really good at.  I love the overall philosophy of this offense, i think that is what separates it from other systems.  The offense itself is simple, but effective because of Tempo and limited plays, which allow them to get a ridiculous amount of reps.  They get really good at just a few things and run them over and over again super fast paced.  This aligns dead on with my personal philosophy.  i would much rather run 1 play perfectly than to run a bunch of plays mediocre.

I feel good about our team next year and think this seminar will be a major factor in turning last year’s 1-9 into a much improved 2011 season.

Although the clinics are done for the year, teams can still become clients, they get access to all the good stuff, DVDs, flashdrive, conference calls, website.  If you have all of that you actually do not need the clinic itself because every single thing is recorded and put onto DVD for your entire staff and players to review.  If anyone is interested in becoming a client please let me know and I can refer you to the staff.


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