Future Book Review

I  read about the following book on another Blog and it was highly recommended.  I decided to pick it up on Amazon and i just got it in today.  I hate reading (even though I read exceptionally fast and advanced level), its boring.  However I wanna give this a read.

Ron Vanderlinden
Football’s Eagle & Stack Defenses

It is supposed to have a wealth of info for any scheme not just one specific scheme.

I am more of an offensive minded guy but I did do a lot of defensive gameplanning 2 years ago, and I was offered 2 Varsity DC jobs a year ago that I turned down.  I could potentially take a trip down to the dark side one day, so I am always looking for more to learn.  Plus I buy into the whole knowledge is Power.

I am gonna give this a read, hopefully get it done in a week or two and I will post a full book review with references (Jk) when I am done.  I hope it is as good as I have heard.


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