Viewers Choice!!!

I have decided that for my next in depth post I want it be something people are interested in and want to read about.  I am even willing to learn something completely knew just for the sake of writing an article about it.

So I am offering the choice up to YOU! the readers of my Blog.

Please leave comments on this Post saying what exactly you would like me to post on.  I will do any subject of O, D, ST, off season, S&C, position skills, love making techniques… I don’t care.

I will pick 1 idea from the comments posted and dedicate some time this weekend to researching and writing an article on the subject.  If others see a comment posted that they really want, then write it again so I can see how many people want to see it.

So Please, help me make this a better blog, leave your comments of what you want me to write about.


I will stop taking comments after Saturday, New years Day.  So you guys have until Saturday to pitch me your ideas.


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