R4 in Spring Ball

Well we are nearly done with Spring Ball.  We have 1 practice left tomorrow and then we are off for Finals.

I talked about R4 installation with my kids in the past.  Now that we have some of our base concepts in and I have had a chance to look back and reflect on things the QB who is distancing himself from the pack is the one who understands R4 the best.

All 3 are struggling with their mechanics at times, but that is too be expected… they just haven’t thrown the football that many times.

QB1 has really started to think in terms of R4 non stop.  Our final practice last week he really began to hit some rhythm throws he was missing in the past because he was finally relying on post snap confirmation while looking into his vertical tube.  He hit 2 perfect corner passes in a row on our snag concept (when tried to pre snap cap, and then fly up to jump the flat route, thus uncapping the Corner Route).  You could see the light bulb go on in our QB’s head.  When I saw him this morning at school he told me he had been thinking about that play and R4 all weekend and that he really felt like he had it now.

My other 2 QBs are still a little bit behind in their mental R4 processing but I have some extra chalk/film sessions lined up with them once we are out of school.

I just wanted to share with all of you who are still curious about R4 or installing it for the first time as well, the power is real.  We are hitting more vertical routes (Corner, Seams, Posts, Go’s) than ever before.


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