Cut up of the day: Snag

I love the Snag concept… it was our best dropback pass play in terms of completions.  We need to improve how we run when we see man coverage but against zone it is money.  We did not always pull the trigger, but I was amazed how it opened up almost every single time… It was almost all we could complete when we dropped back yet flat defenders still had to defend bubble and chase it, and the Snag would open up in behind them.

We need to improve our completion % on this next year and I am going to alter the Snag runner’s route slightly.  When we ran it ugly they broke their route off too shallow.  In the future I do not want them to break in on their angle until they push vertical to 5 yards.  I want them catching the ball at 8 yards deep not 5.  Breaking too soon often got them coming too far horizontally.  I do not want them coming near the Inside LB.  I want to just pick on that flat defender.

Most of the clips below are hitting the Snag route.  There are a few times we found the back mixed in.  Also a really nice TD to the RB after a jet sweep fake.



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