Awesome iPad App!!!

I Just got an ipad3 (you can get great deals on them through apple’s site on refurbished models. Their refurbished ones are just as good as new. Mine came in looking perfect in a brand new box and packaging.)

Of course I have the “usual” HS football coach apps… HUDL, Dropbox, Evernote, a video camera app, coach me play book app, blah blah blah

But yesterday I decided to download the ESPN College Football App


There are top stories, score and highlight features but my favorite is the video tab…

You can select which week of the season you want and pick from a number of games… Pretty much every ranked team…

They have every TD and big play (sack,int,long run, long pass)

I was having a blast watching clips and being able to dissect some offensive concepts from a bunch of different games. I was checking out a ton of Oregon and Arizona offensive plays last night.

The only negative I noticed was you manually try to rewind each play to review it the video gets a little herky jerky. I found it is better to watch the play til the end and then just play it over from the beginning.

Overall really cool and something I think any coach with an iPad will enjoy.


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