Do Less!

I have to admit that I am guilty of  wanting to be the whiteboard Guru… always wanting to have the last word, always thinking I will be right, always having the adjustment or play that can beat whatever Defense we see… but realistically football comes down to what can you get your 11 offensive players to execute on a given play.  Sure if you could find a way to mix veer, with the deception of wing t, the passing and numbers advantage of spread, the power of DW, the illegality of the A-11, the downhill aspect of the I, the coolness of the Pistol, and the speed of the Fly offense you would be in business.  However it all comes down to being able to teach your kids your scheme, and more importantly how you want to execute/block that scheme.

My Friend Kunu, explaining the Do Less attitude…”The less you do, the more you do”

I think all coaches are guilty of the following… Man if we could add “this” in, we are in business… or just add “that”… but how does it really fit into your scheme of things? what you teach? what you know how to teach? and what your kids can handle…

We do not have the best off season attendance in the world, it is better than other places I have been/seen but it is by no means perfect like a De La Salle… So we have to do a fair amount of reteaching.  The kids I coach have a very low football IQ, even our kids who played in youth really lacked skilled coaching and therefore do not know what you would think a kid who’s been playing since he was 7 would know.

Because of this, I am always trying to find ways to make things simple, especially for my OL.  This is why i am a huge fan of counter and power blocking schemes.  They can be used with a huge variety of backfield actions, multiple ball carriers, formations, and motions, but it still similar up front for my OL.
Our screen game is very similar to our guards as they release on bucksweep.  i try to have as many things overlap as I possibly can.  Yes, there are still times when I think a certain play might hurt a team, but if it doesn’t fit in with something I already teach my OL, I am 100% against it.

It comes down to the old saying, “jack of all trades, master of nothing”

I never want my offense to be like this, being average or below average at a ton of plays, compared to being very good at a couple.  If you look at winning teams, they do not beat anyone by having a tremendous playbook, they do it because they can execute their bread and butter over and over again, successfully, even if everyone  in the stadium knows the play.
At one of my previous schools, we were the exact opposite.  We started out as a split back fly team, then our OC wanted to add in I to be “more down hill”… then we added in some spread to “utilize our QB better”, none of the things we did married up very well with each other, we were running certain plays only out of one set, it was like having 3 different offenses and we were unable to mix them together in anyway.  So we ran a lot of plays, gave the Defense a lot to look at, but we sucked at running the plays.  We had way too much on our plate, especially the OL, because I had about 20 run schemes to teach them, because everything was a little different depending on what we were in.  I hated it, I was miserable as a coach, and I refused to be a part of anything like that again.
We added plays on when we were still struggling with what we already had in, absolutely a joke.
This year I absolutely refuse to add on a single thing, until I am comfortable with where we are at in the other areas of our run game.  I do not care if we go into our first game and we can only run Counter and Power… we are gonna be DAMN good at Power and Counter then.
So since we are all preparing our playbooks for next season, remember less = more.


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