Strength & Conditioning Part 1B: Organizing day to day

I realized now that I left out my weekly organization.  Now there are generally 2 trains of thought here, either a 4 day program either split up by upper/lower or push/pull, or explosive/strength.

Or a 3 day per week total body lifting program.

In the  4 years I have previously served as the S&C coach I used both ways, mostly because of my school schedule different years having to adjust and what not. 

But I personally like the 3 day total body workout the best.  Plus this quarter for me in school I have to stay at school later on Tuesdays so the MWF lifting fit best.

I also like the fact that we get 3 days per week to hit certain lifts as opposed to just 2 (i see many coaches do 4 day workout Upper-Lower-Upper-Lower)

so they are getting 2 days of squats or dead lift and I can get in 3 days of it by going MWF

The kids still get a full 48 hours of recovery time in between lifting sessions.
One drawback is Friday attendance does drop sometimes (its Friday, gets wanna go out) but I think I will be able to get all of our core kids there.

In a perfect world I would like to see weights only on MWF
with core work and SAQ work on Tues/Thurs.


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