Screen Game coming soon

I have decided my next Posts will cover our entire screen game.  I want to try to have it up by the new year.  I will break down every detail of how we run, what I feel is the best part of the Spread Offense, and what was statistically our (varsity) best play.

I will cover our

  • Quick Screen
  • Solid Screen
  • Jail Break Screen
  • Bubble
  • Slow Screen

Strength & Conditioning Part 1: Organization

I will break this Strength and Conditioning down into smaller parts.  This first part will be solely about the organization of a Strength and Conditioning program.  No lifts or technique, merely how to plan the calendar for the entire year of lifting.
  • Linear
  • Conjugate
Linear is pretty simple, you pretty much linearly progress through your program, gradually increasing the weight and intensity by reducing the repetitions.
Conjugate periodization is adjusting your workout cycles but in a non linear way.  Each has its merits but I feel linear periodization is easier to manipulate as a coach and the kids buy into it because your going bigger and harder at the most important times.
I learned much of what I know about S&C from 2 teachers of mine who were the former S&C coaches for the US Olympic Hockey Team… I go back to them each off season for more knowledge and they still prefer Linear because of its simplicity.
I break up the entire year into 3 phases or seasons.
  • Off Season: January to June (When we go to a week long camp 1st week of Summer)
  • Pre Season: June (when we return from camp) to very end of August (when school starts)
  • In Season: First day of School (very end of August for us) through the end of our season
So when we begin in January we will start off with our strength lifts, doing a higher number of reps, usually 10-12 on most lifts, and a high volume on each lift.  As we progress through the winter and into spring we begin reducing the volume, increasing the weight used and therefore increasing strength.  I usually break up the off season into 4-6 week cycles.  I adjust how long we remain in each cycle depending on how well I feel the kids are doing and if they are starting to get stale.
We go heaviest the cycle right before we go to our beginning of summer camp, we are trying to peak out here for camp.
We might have a week off after camp for rest and then we hit it hard for our Pre Season phase.
Because the Pre Season phase is much shorter in length than the off season we use micro cycles, usually only 2-3 weeks per cycle instead of 4-6.
In season are very short, intense workouts.  We were very blessed this year to get an athletic period the final period of the day; we had about 75% of the JV and Varsity teams in it.  We didn’t utilize it very well this year but I will be sure to improve our efficiency with it next year.  For in season I want just a handful of lifts to be done at very high intensity.  My in season philosophy is get in and get out.  I want the relative volume to be low because we are doing so much out at football each day their bodies take enough of a pounding. 
My basic formula for an In season lifting day is 1 Push, 1 Pull, 1 Lower body movement. Occasionally I will add on a little more auxiliary stuff than that but that is the core of what we do in season.  Work multi joint movements to hit the bigger muscles, hit them heavy, hard, and quick.
The benefit of the athletic period is we get extra time with the kids, but the drawback is that I have 50 kids in a tiny weight room, so if I asked them to do 8 exercises in the 40 minutes I have them for this 7th period class… we wouldn’t get it done.
Part 2 is coming very shortly, in which I will discuss the actual lifts that make up the core of my program, why I choose these lifts, and how I plan out each workout.

I have to follow what I Preach

As you will see in my upcoming S&C post, Squats are my #1 lift.  I preach them constantly, but in my own lifting, I haven’t done them really since I graduated HS some 5 years ago.
I began thinking this afternoon that since I preach it to the kids so often, I too needed to follow my own advice and begin squatting again.
I feel as a coach you are always setting an example for your kids, either in a good way or a bad way.  I want to make all of my examples in a positive way, so from now on I will squat 2 or more days a week, just like I will make my kids do.
My legs should be a little sore in the morning but I’m fine with paying that price.  I can not be a hypocrite and preach something I myself can not, or will not do.

My Strength and Conditioning plan coming soon

I will post very shortly my thoughts/feelings on S&C.  I am a Kinesiology major, I have taken multiple training classes, was my old teams S&C guy for 4 years, and continue my research every off season.
Starting next Monday I will open up the weight room and begin our off season lifting for the 2011 season.  I have put countless hours of research into tweaking and adjusting “my plan”.
It is by no means perfect, i do not claim to be some sort of S&C genius but i think i do have adequate knowledge of strength training.  I have gotten good results in the past and I have seen my system work at my old school for the kids who bought in and showed up everyday.  All of my everyday kids became much stronger and all of them turned into great football players.

I am very excited to get to have more of an influence at my current school this year, as opposed to my involvement in our strength training last year.

I will post a detailed description of my general outline either later tonight or tomorrow.