iBook Preview- Counter

Once Power is installed the next part of our offense to go in is Counter.  We were actually significantly better running Counter this season and I called it more frequently, with more success, than our Power scheme.  We often see an extra player or two to the side we set our Fullback so being proficient at Counter going back the other way was critical to our offensive success.

The Basics:

Playside down blocks/doubles just like Power.  We pull the backside guard to kick out the end and have different calls to pull our FB, backside TE, a wing, or any combination thereof .  I prefer keeping the backside tackle home to block backside rather than the traditional “GT” or “Counter trey” that uses the backside tackle as the 2nd puller (2nd puller is the player wrapping up to LB).  This keeps the tackles rules and skills consistent between power and counter, helps in mastery of our backside B gap hinge technique, and allows us to pull a better athlete (FB/TE/Wr).

Below is an example of us running it both from our Pro set, and from out double tight set.

iBook Preview – Power

I run a power based offense at my high school.  I am stubbornly committed to running the football and everything is based off of our 2 back Power Scheme.  I have started working on an eBook series detailing how I teach our run game and I wanted to include a little bit on my blog so anyone who might be interested in it can get a glimpse of what they will be learning about.

Power is the foundation of our offense.  I teach a standard 2 back power with down blocking or doubles at the Point of Attack, a Fullback Kick Out on the end man, and a backside guard wrapping through to the playside LB.  Everything else in our offense comes off of us being able to establish our 2 back power play.

Here is a sideline and EZ shot of a 2 back power play from this season.  We get downhill now with everyone inside picked up and put the RB 1on1 with a FS on the Goal Line.  That is going to be a win for the offense just about every time.

Here is the Link to the iBook I made last year that extensively goes over my exact teaching progression and drill work for our 2 back power play. OL Play in the POWER SCHEME


Later this week I will be posting clips of our Counter, Bucksweep, Stretch, and Toss plays that will eventually all be part of the eBook series.

Update: here are links to my other iBook Previews







Upcoming projects

I just wanted to announce that I am working on something big over the next month or two that will come out some time in 2016.

2 off seasons ago I put together the following iBook

O-Line Play in Power Scheme

I lay out exactly how I teach and drill our 2 back power scheme (the foundation of our offense).

I got a lot of positive feedback about the drill videos and teaching progression and  with the success of our other core run concepts this past season I am going to make a series of interactive digital books  with every detail of how I teach/drill



-Toss sweep

and the biggest addition to our offense in 2015


These plays accounted for of our school record breaking 4,416 yards rushing this year.  We led our section (large school division) in rushing yards per game, total yards per game, and scoring per game.  I am blessed to coach an insanely talented group of kids, but I think we do some really good things offensively that utilize that talent.

I will be working again with Coach Grabowski and the guys at Coaches Edge to bring my written explanations, diagrams, step by step drill video, and game cut ups to coaches on their electronic devices.  With the previous content it was only accessible as an iBook on an iPad.  I believe the new series will be on a new format that will allow you to view it on any computer/tablet device.