Viewers Choice!!!

I have decided that for my next in depth post I want it be something people are interested in and want to read about.  I am even willing to learn something completely knew just for the sake of writing an article about it. So I am offering the choice up to YOU! the readers of … Continue reading

Future Book Review

I  read about the following book on another Blog and it was highly recommended.  I decided to pick it up on Amazon and i just got it in today.  I hate reading (even though I read exceptionally fast and advanced level), its boring.  However I wanna give this a read. Ron Vanderlinden Football’s Eagle & … Continue reading

Screen Game coming soon

I have decided my next Posts will cover our entire screen game.  I want to try to have it up by the new year.  I will break down every detail of how we run, what I feel is the best part of the Spread Offense, and what was statistically our (varsity) best play. I will … Continue reading