“Culture Defeats Strategy” Book Review

I don’t do a ton of reading but decided to make a purchase 2 weeks ago.  I feel our program has been lacking leadership and we need to make some changes to increase the leadership and improve the buy in within the team.  I came across this book from Coach Randy Jackson from his Twitter Account.

Culture Defeats Strategy


Throughout this book Coach Jackson shares his journey as a coach, lessons he has learned, and the way he has run his program at each stop along the way.

This book was exactly what I was looking for.  This is not an X’s and O’s book.  This book focuses on creating core values to shape the identity of your team.  Coach Jackson shares his ideas for building leaders, creating core values, and using those values to improve your team.

Throughout the book he shares stories that help you see the importance of each core value.

The 7 Core Values are illustrated on the Cover

  1. Energy
  2. Competition
  3. Toughness
  4. Family
  5. Discipline
  6. Finish
  7. Pay Day

I will be honest, as I read this, I knew I personally, could not use every single idea in this book.  However as I read, i jotted down notes.  I tried to write notes on every single idea I thought I COULD add to my program.  These strategies will help us lay a foundation to build an overall better football program in 2017.  It has pushed me to create a “leadership council” within my program where we will meet monthly year round to build a better football program.  We had our first meeting the day after I finished this book and we were able to start working on our own core values.  Asking the players to work with me on this has helped yield so much more buy in than if I just decided things myself.  This helps me see what is important to them and tells me the general pulse of the team.


I don’t do a ton of recommendations on this blog but I recommend this book without hesitation.  You WILL find something in here that you can take, and improve your football program.


Other Positives:

  • Cheap… only $20
  • Easy Read (I finished in under 3 hours)
  • Comes with digital copy and worksheets (emailed to you)


Culture Defeats Strategy can be purchases at Coach Randy Jackson’s Website.



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