Perfect Sprint Draw

In the Late Spring/Early Summer the CoachHuey site was all abuzz about the sprint out game, and compliments off of it.  At the time I wrote about a piece on our Sprint Draw Play

We have been running it all year, and running it pretty well for a number of reasons

  1. Our RB is just really good
  2. We run a good amount of sprint out and QB sweep
  3. Defenses have had to really react to try to stop QB sweep/sprint
  4. My OL has done a pretty good job blocking it
Well I wanted to highlight this one time we ran it in our game last week, simply because to me it is the perfect play.  It was cleaner than we blocked it all year long, and our RB literally jogs in to the end zone untouched.  This was the first play of the second half last Friday night on our way to a school record 70 point performance.

Notice how the sprint side inside LB just runs himself out of the play, while the second backer comes directly to my center.  My 4 Covered OL do a good job of engaging their man and maintaining their blocks.


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