My Strength and Conditioning plan coming soon

I will post very shortly my thoughts/feelings on S&C.  I am a Kinesiology major, I have taken multiple training classes, was my old teams S&C guy for 4 years, and continue my research every off season.
Starting next Monday I will open up the weight room and begin our off season lifting for the 2011 season.  I have put countless hours of research into tweaking and adjusting “my plan”.
It is by no means perfect, i do not claim to be some sort of S&C genius but i think i do have adequate knowledge of strength training.  I have gotten good results in the past and I have seen my system work at my old school for the kids who bought in and showed up everyday.  All of my everyday kids became much stronger and all of them turned into great football players.

I am very excited to get to have more of an influence at my current school this year, as opposed to my involvement in our strength training last year.

I will post a detailed description of my general outline either later tonight or tomorrow.

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