My 2nd attempt at a Blog

So this is my 2nd attempt at a Blog.  I tried making a Blog a little under a year ago, and I failed.  I was all gung hoe about it and then i just ran out of time, never posted, and it was just whack.  I really enjoy checking out the Blogs of guys from and i learn a lot from them.  I envy their lengthy insightful posts and i want to be able to give back and contribute to others as they have done for me.

I will attempt to post at least once a week and share my ideas, experiences and any advice i might have.

I am a relatively young coach but i am experienced.  I spent 4 years as a varsity position coach, as well as servin as Assistant Head Coach.  I spent last year as a JV HC/OC, and I will be a varsity position coach again next season (possibly Assistant HC as well, thats my goal).

I am also in the process of becoming a teacher, i can chronicle that some in this Blog as well.

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