I have to follow what I Preach

As you will see in my upcoming S&C post, Squats are my #1 lift.  I preach them constantly, but in my own lifting, I haven’t done them really since I graduated HS some 5 years ago.
I began thinking this afternoon that since I preach it to the kids so often, I too needed to follow my own advice and begin squatting again.
I feel as a coach you are always setting an example for your kids, either in a good way or a bad way.  I want to make all of my examples in a positive way, so from now on I will squat 2 or more days a week, just like I will make my kids do.
My legs should be a little sore in the morning but I’m fine with paying that price.  I can not be a hypocrite and preach something I myself can not, or will not do.

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